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Концептът ръка в устойчивите словосъчетания в българския език

Петя Райкова


The paper presents the results of the author's linguocultural research on the concept of hand based on material from Bulgarian phraseological expressions. In order to determine the specificity of this concept in the Bulgarian perception of the world, the author has studied 473 phraseological expressions. The results of the analysis of the material led to the formation of the idea that the conceptual features may be divided into two large groups demonstrating the gradual evolution of the conceptualisation of the word hand, namely: 1 - the hand as part of the physical human body, and 2 - the hand as part of the characteristics of the inner world of people, their virtues and shortcomings, of their attitude towards the others and towards life. The author draws conclusions about the axiological value of the concept as well as its role in the description of the temporary emotional states or features of the Bulgarian character


concept, hand, Bulgarians phraseological expressions.

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