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Уикипедия - най-добрият приятел?! На професора или за главоболията и печалбите от прилагането на електронно дистанционно обучение във филологическите дисциплини на университета

Tатяна Aнгелова


The methodology of the paper is based on the philosophy of constructivism. The text is related to redesign of a traditional course into an electronic course for the needs of electronic distance learning in the MOODLE software platform at the Faculty of Slavic Philology of Sofia University. The text is dealing with the following research question: what benefits and difficulties does the redesign of a traditional course into an electronic course bring out? To answer this question we analyze the experience from:

  1. A. designing and appraising of my own courses;
  2. B. training course for university lecturers from the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology and from other faculties involved in MOODLE.

My experience shows that the difficulties dominate, and the benefits are initially insufficiently realized. The goal is to manage the process in order to achieve prevailing of benefits.

The respondents are students from the Faculty of Slavic studies - from bachelor and master`s programs and PhD students from the Doctoral School.

We used the following research procedures: experiential learning (in virtual learning environment - MOODLE), questionnaires, assignments, modeling. Discussion is related to learning outcomes and problems connected with improving the quality of blended learning.


e-learning, VLE, high education, WIKIPEDIA, MOODLE.

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