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Влияние на физическата активност върху Психологическото състояние на студентите

Георги Филипов


Modern education at the higher education institution is related to constantly increasing tension and intensity of the students' work, which predetermines high requirements for their health, mental and physical ability. The emotions that a man receives from physical activity help him overcome stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity helps to get rid of anxiety, increases our sense of well-being and our good mood


physical education, stress, psyche,nervous system, sport

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Гачева Й., Рязкова М., Тодоров Н. Физикална терапия - учебник за студенти по медицина, София, 1993 г.

Радев А. Спортна медицина - учебник за студенти по медицина, София, 1988 г.

Рачев Р., Матеева Н., Дражева Ц. и др. Теория и методика на физическото възпитание, София


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