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Мобилното обучение в преподаването на български език като чужд - от увлечението към вътрешната мотивация

Валентина Симеонова


The current educational system places a great emphasis on the autonomous students` learning, making use of the variety of electronic educational resources and information technologies in the process of practicing a foreign language. The rapid development of these technologies requires a constant catch-up on the part of the student, therefore the latest technical advances are in the focus of the present study. Our experience with such electronic resources, models and strategies with first-, second- and third- yearstudents, based on the latest advances and the specifics of the curriculum topics, brings to conclusions related to the amount of electronic resources used in a unit, the time slot during the seminar, the individual and group work ratio, and the options and opportunities such resources offer for a real-time interactive communication with students. The present study focuses on some points of mobile learning as one of the active methods for acquiring knowledge and its organization. The information technologies, electronic educational resources and mobile learning options are reviewed and summarized as an integral part of the education modernization, available for students and teachers at the Medical University of Varna.


electronic educational resources, mobile learning, mobile devices, communicative competence

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