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Компьютерные технологии в академическом художественном образовании и дизайне: за и против

Дарья Aнтипина


Modern computer technologies were included firmly into life of each person, and also into the academic education. Distance training, computer testing, electronic textbooks, the information Internet resources are even more often used in educational process of higher education institution. At the same time in the academic education there are such specialties to which the computer brings not only benefit, but also harm. This training in art disciplines: to the academic drawing, academic painting, design and other creative rates. Fast search of the required material, creation of the presentations and visualization of projects in design are undoubted benefits of use of computer programs. At the same time lack of live feeling, stereotype of creative vision and a schematization of thinking, certainly, belong to minuses. This article is devoted to the analysis of value of computer technologies in the academic art education and design


academic art education, design education, computer technologies, painting, drawing, design

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