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Anisoara Pop, Adrian Naznean


Diagnostic feedback was used for teaching/learning evaluation with a group of Medical English students who were exposed to a blended learning approach for four semesters. Edmodo ( served as the platform for course delivery in order to offer them customized, higher quality learning experiences. The paper will present several skills-integrated activities carried out in Edmodo, results obtained but also challenges in designing authentic assignments while meeting the students` particular needs and keeping them genuinely involved. If students` grades reflected a superior learning experience, in order to evaluate their attitudes and satisfaction with Edmodo-EMP, which are equally important elements for providing quality language services, a ten-item questionnaire was designed and administered as part of their final assignment. Students reflected on how much and what they felt they had learnt, if the materials raised up to their expectations, and if they perceived Edmodo-based learning as a positive, important experience for their progress.


Edmodo, Medical English, student satisfaction

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