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Ivelina Makrieva


The paper presents the author`s experience of teaching English for Specific Purposes to the engineering students at the Technical University of Varna and her observations on the changing attitude of both language teachers and students towards oral presentations as a demonstration of students` communicative competence. Owing to the development of communications nowadays, most young people are not afraid of speaking; just the other way round, they are willing to speak in front of their fellow students both during the semester giving mini-presentations and at the end of the course delivering a spoken presentation as a final assignment for the end of the last term of instruction. What is more, practice has shown that in groups with a prevailing number of students with higher level of English, their enthusiasm and motivation encourage lower-level students to give oral presentations as well, thus enhancing the collaboration in the ESP classroom.


communicative competence, engineering students, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), oral presentation skills.

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