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Valentina Angelova, Svetla Trendafilova


Information technologies have already permeated the educational system in Bulgaria and have become a natural, inalienable part of the teaching and learning process at all levels. The teaching and learning of foreign languages at tertiary level are no exception. In addition they are gradually becoming a substantial part of teaching Medical English to students of Medicine, Dental Medicine, etc.

Since Universities in Bulgaria are autonomous to choose the platforms they use as tools and a medium for teaching and learning, the medical university in Varna has adopted the Blackboard Learn virtual learning environment and course management system to assist the educational process at the university. Traditional, paper-based testing and assessment as an integral part of learning foreign languages is also gradually being supplemented by online testing. The aim of this paper is to describe, analyze and share our experience in designing and administering some computer-based tests in Medical English. It also discusses the results of a questionnaire that students filled in after the interactive test was administered. The correlation between paper-based test results and web-based test results has been evaluated. Students have demonstrated critical thinking skills while comparing and contrasting the different types of testing and some recommendations for future tests have been made.


Information technologies, EMP (English for Medical Purposes), Black-board Learn, testing and assessment

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Първа Варненска Конференция за електронно обучение и управление на знанието, 30.09.-1.10. 2016, Сборник с доклади на участниците в конференцията, МУ, Варна.


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