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Някои аспекти в преподаването на медицинска терминология на английски език

Веселин Стойков


Medical University-Varna provides English language education. The students come from different countries/continents, with very clear differences in their cultural, educational, and religious background. They are from countries where English is an official language, for other students it is official but not primary language, and for the rest it is a foreign language. Medical education requires student comprehension of both scientific medical and general vocabulary. The experience that we have with students who have different command of English and are still developing proficiency in the language suggests that they often have problems comprehending scientific statements because of weaknesses in their understanding of non-scientific vocabulary.

This article aims to determine some of the aspects of teaching Latin medical terminology as well as to list some of the difficulties which students using English as a second or as a foreign language encounter with general vocabulary that could hinder their understanding of scientific medical terms. That is why both the teaching and learning processes of Latin medical terminology is an acute problem for both lecturers and learners of medical discipline.


medical education, scientific terminology, English as a second or a foreign language, Greek compound words, eLearning, curriculum, test

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