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Фармацевтичен дискурс и културни реалии в епохата на гръцката архаика и класика

Михаела Йорданова


Pharmaceutical discourse is a special linguo-cultural code which haven"t yet been the object of analysis of the theory of language and of linguistic culturology in particular. It is deemed timely to point out the terminological units of this code which has a special pharmaceutical language as its basis. Pharmacy is a science dealing with the preparation of medicine and connected with pharmacology which studies the effects of medicine on human organism as well as other spheres of pharmaceutical discourse. This work helps to realize the role of a certain terminological layer in depicting the basic concepts of pharmacy such as health, illness, pharmacy, medicine etc. in the cultural context of Athenian Archaic and Classical Period.


Pharmaceutical discourse, Athenian Archaic and Classical culture, terminological units: health, illness, pharmacy, medicine.

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