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Включване на дидактични игри в обучението по латински език и терминология на студенти-медици

Снежана Aнтонова-Цвяткова


The paper advocates for the applicability of the didactic games in teaching Latin and terminology of first year students majoring in `Medicine` through specific example of an educational game, developed by the author and tested in practice. Target of the experiment are both groups taught in Bulgarian and groups taught in English. Various factors that have impact on conducting such pedagogical experiment are taken into consideration and the conclusions about its advisability and usefulness are summarized. Adverting is the topic of interdisciplinary relationships and the necessity of a better coherence between the Latin syllabus and the Anatomy syllabus for the first year. The article deals with problems like using modern interactive methods within the limited number of hours provided for Latin, the congruence between the predefined didactic objectives and the obtained results, the indispensability of modernization of methods and approaches in specialized language training etc.


specialized language training, didactic games, interactive methods, peda-gogical experiment, interdisciplinary relationships

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