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Френска контекстово-обусловена граматика за комуникативни цели: илюзия или предизвикателство?

Aнета Tошева


Transition from grammar knowledge to communicative skills is the key aim in the foreign language learning process for special (medical) purposes. It can be shortened and optimized via student's grammar book directly linking morpho-syntax knowledge to the semantic one, and after that to the pragmatic and communication skills in the professional (medical) context. The need for such a book in grammar, communication -and-context-based, should be initially discussed and argumented theoretically and to be accompanied by field studies and analysis of its future use, defining of the criteria for grammar content selection as well as those for types of situations for verbal interaction in a professional sphere, creation of synoptic table of the meaningful grammar units, situations of communication, speech acts and strategies for speech behaviour in context. All those aspects are described in that very article based on examples from Medical French.


French for medical purposes, communicative grammar, context

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