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Детска смъртност в Русенска област

T. Aтанасова, K. Захариева, K. Велчева



The task of the society and healthcare in each country is to improve the health of the pediatric population, to reduce child morbidity and mortality, and to encourage the reproduction of the population.

It is a difficult process that depends on many factors. The infant mortality rate is a factor that actually reflects both the socio-economic and cultural level of the population and the organization of maternal and child healthcare in any country or region.


The aim of the present study is to investigate child mortality in the Ruse region and to establish the relationship between the child mortality index and the quality of healthcare assistance in UMHAT-Ruse JSC from 2008 till 2015.

Materials and Methods

Historical, documentary, sociological and statistical methods have been used to demonstrate the importance of child mortality as a demographic and social problem. It was found that there is a negative natural growth in the Ruse region. The reduction of child mortality is a priority task and the greatest contribution to achieve this task is the professional medical assistance provided by the doctors and the nurses in UMHAT-Ruse JSC .


healthcare; pediatric population; child mortality

Full Text


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