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Здраве на мигрантите и малцинствата - новаторска дисциплина в областта на общественото здраве

M. Kамбурова


Introduction: The world is experiencing the largest displacement of people since the end of World War II. The training on "Migrant and Minority Health" meets the modern needs of in-depth knowledge of public health specialists in relation to the medical and social problems of migrants and minorities in Bulgaria.

The aim of this report is to present the innovative "Migrant and Minority Health" curriculum for bachelors and masters of public health.

Results: The training presents migration as a global and continuous process, as well as the aspects of the migrant crisis in Europe. The most important social and health problems of migrants are discussed. The impact of migrants' health status on public health and the organization of healthcare in the recipient countries are analyzed. The course provides information on international and national organizations for migration.

The lecture course presents the main challenges facing healthcare professionals and the health system regarding the health of the main minority groups, in particular the Roma as a predominant ethnic minority in Bulgaria and Europe. Emphasis is placed on the need to improve the health and social culture among this ethnic group.

The training course provides 15 hours of lectures and ends with a computer-based test.

Conclusion: The course enables public health professionals to acquire knowledge regarding the international situation, critical assessment skills and the ability to implement appropriate strategies to address specific health problems among migrants and minorities.


migrant health; minority health; public health; education

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