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Прилагане на принципите за промоция на здраве на работното място

С. Георгиева, M. Kaмбурова, С. Aлександрова-Янкуловска


Introduction: The health of the active population is becoming more and more important and the concept of health promotion at the workplace is becoming increasingly relevant.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to examine the principles of health promotion in the context of working environment.

Materials and Methods: Data were collected by a direct individual self-administered questionnaire among 250 employees and a semi-structured interview with 9 company managers in a study representing different occupational health services.

Results: Three quarters of the respondents estimate that health promotion activities have been carried out at their workplace but only major international companies have targeted policy and a wide range of activities. The employees were involved in the development of these policies through committees and groups focusing on working conditions, but 55.5% define this participation as a sham. Over 90% of companies implement strict control on the factors of physical environment and maintain them in the limit values, take actions to restrict smoking, and control the use of personal protective equipment. Promotion of healthy eating was reported by about a half of the observed subjects. One of every three companies offers sports facilities for employees.

According to the company managers, employees are not always interested in the process of planning and carrying out these activities and financial support by the government is often insufficient.

Conclussion: Health promotion at the workplace is expanding its popularity in Bulgaria, but in the majority of companies are limited to legally required activities. The partnership principle is not well represented. Personal responsibility and the use of personal skills and active attitude to health must be increased.


health promotion principles; workplace health promotion

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