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Oсведоменост, нагласи и поведение на родителите в гр. варна относно имунизациите на техните деца

П. Бончева, Р. Kонстантинов


Introduction: The high national immunization coverage is endangered both from the hesitation of some parents to immunize their children and the influence of the anti-vaccine movements.

Aim: The aim of this paper was to assess the awareness, attitudes and behavior of the parents from Varna towards the mandatory immunization schedule of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Materials and Methods: A survey was conducted in December 2015 among 93 parents, with at least one child up to the age of 6 years, in the city of Varna. A self-reported questionnaire was created and filled in by the parents during the survey.

Results and Discussion: With high awareness were 59.14% of the parents and with low were 40.86%. A statistically significant relation was established between the level of parents` education and the level of awareness of the recipients (p<0.001). Immunizations must be performed according to 83.87% of the recipients, against were 5.38%. The relative share of the parents who have their children immunized was 91.40%, partial refusals reported 8.60%. A correlation between the level of awareness of the parents, education, attitude and behavior towards immunizations was found. Despite the good general awareness of the parents, positive attitude and sustainable behavior towards immunization, a deficit of knowledge was established. The negative attitudes and behavior were associated with the low awareness of the parents. Health education, with an emphasis on the immunoprophylaxis would assist the parents in their proper decision in regard to the immunization of their children.


parental awareness; attitudes; childhood vaccination

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