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Промоция на здравето сред моряци за управление на професионалните рискове

Tеодора Димитрова, Панайот Николов


Introduction: Work on a ship carries a higher risk than other professions, mainly because of the higher frequency of traumas and chronic non-infectious diseases like cardiovascular or endocrine pathology, which are a result of an unhealthy behavior. This justifies the necessity of active health prophylaxis among this occupational group.

The aim of the study is to track the effect of an interventional program, which includes health discourse and extra medical examination with occupational health consultation among risk groups of seamen.

For the period of February 2016 to February 2017 we tracked the dynamic changes in the body mass and lipid profiles in the blood of 96 working sailors. A reduction of the relative share of people in all risk groups was established. People with obesity before intervention were 25 (25.8%) against 23 (23.7%) after that, these with higher value of common cholesterol in the blood 1 year before the intervention were 58 (59.8%) against 43 (44.3%) and the number of sailors with higher level of triglycerides was reduced from 36 (37.5%) to 26 (37.1%). Reduction is statistically significant for the values of the total cholesterol.

Improvement of the health condition among workers in maritime transport is possible through necessary activity in health promotion. Consultation by a specialist in occupational health during the process of certification for occupational fitness of seafarers in Bulgaria, accompanied by extra medical exams and laboratory checks would lead to better management of health risks caused by this lifestyle


seamen; occupational health; health promotion

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Наредба Н-11 от 30.04.2014 г. за определяне на изискванията за здравословна годност на морските лица в Република България, обн., ДВ, бр. 41 от 16.05.2014 г.

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