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Проблеми и приоритети пред общинското здравеопазване в град Варна

A. Цветкова, A. Tодорова


Introduction: The present paper aims to describe the problems and priorities of Varna Municipality in relation to the health of its citizens and the health care institutions functioning on its territory. In the last two decades the partial palliative reforms in the field of health care - economic, organisational, social and psychological are not following one common concept - combining the interests of the government, employers, population and medical professionals, to assure adequate health of the population and a better quality of life.

The lack of a continuous policy in the health care system provided an opportunity for the development of a pseudomarket of health care services. These are predominantly public resources from insurance, proportionately decreasing funds from the state and municipality budgets, regulated payments from the population for health care services and medicines, private investments in health institutions, private health insurance and significant funds from the population for the so-called informal payments for health care services.

Маterials and Methods: We have conducted an analysis of data from reports of municipal health institutions and municipal health preventive programmes and the budget of the Varna municiplaity for 2017.


health care; NHIF; prevention

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Проблеми на системата на здравеопазване - Март, 2014 г. www.bia-

Община - Варна Дирекция “ЗДРАВНО РАЗВИТИЕ”


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