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Дейности на българския червен кръст за повишаване на устойчивостта при бедствени ситуации

Д. Toдорова, Р. Eтова, M. Георгиева, Р. Kостадинов


Introduction: The Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC), part of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, supports governmental activities in disasters. Through its numerous humanitarian activities, BRC has lessen the vulnerability and increased resilience in disasters.

Aim: The aim of this study is to analyze some BRC capabilities to enhance the disaster resilience.

Materials and Methods: Research of the legal framework and scientific publications on the topic, as well as a survey on BRC disaster relief activities were performed. The subject of the research was the interaction between the institutions, population and the Bulgarian Red Cross. In the survey 309 respondents from Plovdiv, Pazardzhik and Septemvri were questioned.

Results: The analysis of the obtained data revealed that only 36.6% of the respondents were aware of the Bulgarian Red Cross activities. Representatives of the Regional Health Inspectorates (RHI) were the less informed - 24%. Awareness was also extremely low among the respondents from the other institutions that are supposed to act together with the Bulgarian Red Cross in the area of damage, according to the action plans.

Surprisingly, 57.9% of the respondents were willing to become BRC volunteers.

Conclusion: The conducted study highlighted the available possibilities for expanding the interaction between BRC, institutions and the population. In order to increase the disaster resilience comprehensive and continuous educational activity regarding BRC activities and capabilities among the institutions, organizations and the population is required.


Bulgarian Red Cross; disaster resilience; disaster vulnerability; disasters; humanitarian activities; interaction

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