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Анализ на нагласите за подкрепа на пострадалите при наводнение

Р. Eтова, Р. Kостадинов, Д. Tодорова, В. Славова


Introduction: The most common disasters registered in the Republic of Bulgaria are floods. One of their main features is the relatively small number of medical losses compared to the affected by the impact of the damaging factors. Therefore, casualties require extensive physical and psychological support in the recovery phase.

Aim: The aim of this study is to analyze public readiness to support the affected by the flood individuals. Materials and Methods: The results of the survey among 309 respondents are presented. Representatives of the institutions, core enablers in disaster relief operations were among the participants. Descriptive and comparative methods were applied to analyze the willingness of the respondents to assist with the provision of certain resources (food products, clothes, bedding, money, hygienic materials, etc.) to the flood affected population.

Results: The obtained results present the majority of the respondents` readiness to support the victims. Of the respondents, 62.2% would help with clothes, and over half of them with food products - 51.1%. The respondent groups` preferences in the means of support are statistically significant. The difference in the type of humanitarian aid provided depends on the place of work, gender, age and education.

Conclusion: The survey results are extremely positive in terms of our society's readiness to support the affected by floods. The results presented could support the institutions in their disaster relief operations planning, describing assistance that the affected individuals could receive from the population.


flood, casualty support readiness; disaster relief operation; humanitarian aid

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