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Съвременно състояние на системата за защита на населението при бедствени ситуации в Р.България

Ваня Славова, Веселин Иванов, Полина Tалева-Русинова, Румяна Eтова, Десислава Tодорова


Introduction: Disasters caused by natural phenomena or human activity often occur in Bulgaria. Social and economic consequences of these have a significant adverse effect on its development and economic growth. Given the complexity and scope of disaster situations, it is necessary to unite the efforts of all responsible institutions and actively involve them in activities to limit human, social, economic and natural damage and losses.

Aim: To study the current state of the system for protection of the population in emergency situations in Bulgaria.

Materials and methods: Descriptive analysis of scientific publications and normative documents concerning the management, organization and mechanisms for protection of the population in emergency situations in Bulgaria have been used.

Results: Results of the analysis of key regulatory documents in Bulgaria on the management and organization of the population protection in disaster situations are presented. The main structures and institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria, responsible and related to the protection of the population in disaster situations are indicated.

Conclusion: The system of protection of the population in emergency situations in Bulgaria is strictly regulated and synchronized with the European Union policy in this respect. The state policy for protection of the population together with the developed National Programs of the Council of Ministers outline the main directions for the establishment of an effective, resourceful and technically secure national system for prevention, protection and action in disaster situations.


disaster; protection of the population; unified rescue system; disaster situations

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