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Роля на невербалните компоненти в комуникацията между здравните работници

Ст. Спиридонов, Р. Златанова-Великова, С. Великов, И. Димитров


By transforming the hospitals into a service-type enterprise of a modern type, the communication process becomes more and more important. The purpose of this article is to study and analyze the importance of non- verbal components in the communication between medical specialists. A twelve-month survey was conducted (between 01.12.2014 and 01.12.2015) at the "Escullap" Hospital - Pazardzhik, DCC18 - Sofia, St. Mina Hospital

- Plovdiv, MHAT - Plovdiv, DCC1 - Haskovo, University MHAT - Stara Zagora, DCC3 - Varna and MHAT- Parvomay. The respondents were 477 health workers including: doctors, nurses, midwives, administrators, paramedics and others employees in the covered health institutions. The opinion of the respondents on the place of non-verbal components in communication and the most commonly used non-verbal components in communication is studied. The influence of the age on the respondents' opinion about the most commonly used non-verbal components in communication is determined. The importance of the distance between health workers for good communications is clarified, as well as the influence of the age on the respondents' opinion about the distance importance for good communication.


communication; non-verbal components; health employers

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