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Изследване на участието на общопрактикуващите лекари от Община Асеновград в скринингова кампания за колоректален карцином

Росица Димова, Румяна Стоянова, Миглена Tърновска, Мартина Tодоранова


Introduction: The general medical practice is the most massive, closest and most accessible of all to every individual and his family to solve their health problems, especially in prevention of oncological diseases. There is undeniable evidence that colorectal cancer (CRC) mortality can be significantly reduced by conducting screening and active monitoring.

Aim: The aim of the study is to explore the wishes, readiness and behavior of general practitioners (GPs) to participate in a colorectal cancer screening campaign, organized with the cooperation of Asenovgrad Municipality and the Medical University-Plovdiv.

Materials and Methods: The research is cross-sectional and representative for the Asenovgrad Municipality. The necessary information was collected by direct individual observation and half-structured interview with the general population (41 GPs). The duration of the study is one year and includes two stages: research on the wishes and readiness of the GPs to participate in promotional activities for free, and second stage: research of their behavior in the screening program using iFOBT, purchased and provided by the Asenovgrad Municipality. Results: A significant part of the GPs - 21.95% (n=9) gave up during the first stage of the research without providing a reason. 78.05% (32 GPs) received information materials and iFOBT, afterwards 9 of them gave up. The main reasons for the GPs` refusals during the campaign are: not enough time, lack of material benefits and insufficient trust in the significance and the efficacy of the iFOBT. The nonparametric analysis did not establish a relationship between the gender of GPs (P=0.406); and the location of the GP practice (P=0.542) on the one hand, and their participation in the campaign on the other hand.

Conclusion: The presence of limiting factors influences the behavior of the GPs in their participation in screening programs.


screening; colorectal carcinoma; general medical practice

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