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Интегриране на параметри в база данни за латерализация на болестния процес в хомеопатичната информационна система

Ж. Пейчев, A. Янева, T. Димчева, С. Пейчева


Introduction: The homeopathic materia medica contains data for 5 drugs with left lateralization of the disease process and another six drugs with right lateralization. The rational choice of a homeopathic medicine for a patient with lateralization of the disease process requires individual data on his age, gender, physiological status, main diagnosis and concomitant illnesses.

Aim: The aim of this work is to integrate parameters for lateralization of the disease into a homeopathic information system database.

Materials and Methods: Data from the homeopathic reference book `From Symptom to Drug and Drug to Symptom` were analyzed. Correlations have been built with data on disease lateralization imported through a database management system.

Results: In case of predominant right lateralization of: torticollis - the drug of choice is Lachnanthes tinctoria; in case of angina - Lycopodium. For left lateralization of the ptosis of internal organs, Sepia is preferred; in predominantly left lateralization of angina, sinusitis, pneumonia - Lachesis.

Conclusion: The integration of parameters into a database of lateralization of the disease process in a homeopathic information system would improve the work of the homeopathic physician in outpatient care


homeopathy; lateralization; homeopathic information systems; database

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