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Оценка на ефективността на компютърни невропсихологични тестове при възрастни хора с когнитивни нарушения

A. Янева, T. Димчева


Introduction: The rapidly increasing number of people with dementia is becoming an important problem in public health. Early detection and diagnosis of cognitive impairments associated with this disease are critical to the treatment and care of these patients, but despite this many cases remain undiagnosed. Computerized assessment tests could be a suitable tool in the screening of cognitive decline.

Aim: The aim of this article is to investigate the effectiveness of computer-based neuropsychological batteries, designed to detect cognitive decline due to normal aging or dementia.

Materials and Methods: A literature review in bibliographic databases was conducted for proper studies that assess the effectiveness of computer neurocognitive tests compared to conventional psychological tests.

Conclusion: Computerized neurocognitive tests are developed to be used as a screening tool in clinical practice. Computerized cognitive assessment batteries are based on standard paper-and-pencil neurocognitive tests, so they have similar psychometric characteristics but they also have many administrative advantages and ability to generate large and accurate databases. However, their application has some limitations. Computer-based neurocognitive tests could not be a substitute for conventional tests and they are not used for diagnosis, but they could be an additional tool for more effective and timely cognitive impairment measurement.


computerized neurocognitive tests; adults; cognitive impairments

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