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Професионална етика на дипломанти по „Обществено здраве и здравен мениджмънт`

Радка Горанова-Спасова, Eмилиан Радев, Kалина Пейчева, Людмила Чакърова


Public health ethics has recently emerged as an independent field in bioethics. Public health professionals and health managers often encounter moral dilemmas that require ethical reflection. A significant problem is the balance between the personal freedoms of the individual and the achievement of maximum good for the society. The teaching of ethics of public health finds its place in many European public health schools.

The aim of our study is to investigate the opinion of graduates from the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Public Health and Health Management at the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University-Sofia regarding the need of continuing education in ethics of public health.

An anonymous individual survey was carried out among 123 graduate bachelors and masters in the Faculty of Public Health at Medical University-Sofia.

The results of our research show that public health ethics education is necessary, both in the core curriculum of education and as continuing education in the faculties of public health in our country.


graduates; public health ethics; continuing education

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