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Епидемиологична характеристика на тетанусa във Варненскa област за периода 2010-2016 на фона на провежданата имунопрофилактика

M. Kоларова, Р. Kонстантинов, Ц. Паунов, Д. Радкова, E. Иванова, С. Станева, A. Kирчева


Introduction: Tetanus is an acute wound infection, which has a dramatic clinical picture requiring specific prophylaxis and treatment. The cause of Clostridium tetani spores is widespread in the soil and intestinal tracts of herbivores and humans. Digestive juices cause insensitivity of higher organisms to intestinal parasites and toxin-producing microorganisms. The illness may also occur after minor traumas. Spores develop in bacilli, multiply, and begin to produce toxins that enter the tissues only under anaerobic conditions and in association with other anaerobes - B. perfringens, B. sporogenis, V. septique.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to present the epidemiological characteristics of registered cases of tetanus in the Varna region for the period 2010-2016 and their relationship with the effectiveness or gaps in immunizations or booster vaccination against tetanus.

Materials and Methods: We have used epidemiological studies and analyzes, epicrises for the period 2010- 2016.

Results: The main preventive agent is immunization with tetanus toxoid, included in the immunization schedule of the country, as well as immunization in the case of injury with the risk of tetanus spore contamination. In the presence of the ongoing immunoprevention against tetanus for the period 2010-2016 in Varna and the region, 4 cases of tetanus have been reported against 13 cases for the whole country and 3 of them with exitus letalis.


tetanus; vaccine; immunization range; epidemiology; tetanus toxoid

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Анализи на имунизационния обхват с профилактични имунизации и реимунизации във Варненска област 2010г. - 2016 г.

Анализи на НЦЗПБ на дейностите по имунопрофилактиката в страната 2010 -2016г.

Анализи на НЦЗПБ на Заразните заболявания 2010-2016г.

Епидемиологични проучвания и епикризи.

Епидемиология на инфекциозните и на неинфекциозно болести , под редакцията на Борис Илиев, Герго Митов, МФ

Инфектология, под редакцията на проф.Борис Илиев, проф. Герго Митов и проф. Михаил Радев, МФ

Наредба № 15 от 2005г. за имунизациите в Р България

Частна Епидемиология П.Е.Вербер, МФ, 1957г.


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