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Компютърна не(грамотност) на българските лекари

И. Мирчева


Introduction: The effective provision of healthcare in modern environment, marked by the implementation of eHealth elements in the medical practice needs adequately trained healthcare staff.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to assess the readiness and willingness of Bulgarian physicians to face the challenges of eHealth.

Materials and Methods: Results of two studies among physicians are used - from 1999 (n=1381) in Bulgaria and from 2013 in Northeastern Bulgaria (n=271). The structure of the samples correlates with the structure of all clinicians by specialization in Bulgaria (z=-2.934, p=0.003). Several signs are discussed: self-evaluation of the experience in using computers, need for additional education and attitude to eHealth.

Results: In the 1999 study, 19.6% of the physicians declared their abilities to use computers and computer applications sufficient. For the period the rate of physicians with no experience in using computers has decreased from 42.3% to 4-6%. The rate of those who use specialized software has increased from 4.3 to 46.49%. Very low is the rate of those who can use graphic (20.6%) and statistical software (25.1%). The overall self-evaluation of the experience in using computers is 4.16 (max=6.00) and is considered as a sufficient ability to use computers by 74.5% of the respondents. Between 30 and 50% state the need for additional education. Only 17.7% are acquainted with the principles of eHealth. This correlates with the low rate of those who consider that the country is ready for the implementation of eHealth (21.8%).

Conclusion: Bulgarian physicians are not prepared to face the challenges of eHealth, they need additional training in medical and health informatics.


eHealth; computer literacy of physicians; health informatics

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