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Подпомагане на здравословния начин на живот при възрастни диабетици чрез ранна диагноза, увеличена активност и здравословно хранене

Р. Паскалева, В. Иванова, В. Павлова


Introduction: Elderly people with diabetes must change their lifestyle focusing on regular moderate physical activity and maintaining a certain physical condition.

Aim: The aim of the present study is to create a social and rehabilitation center for diabetics and to develop programs for motor activity with systemic exercises, outdoor walking and hiking for diabetic patients with different types of diabetes.

Materials and Methods: For our purpose, 25 patients were studied and two rehabilitation groups formed by the members of the association, depending on the type of diabetes and the motor skills. The classes were held twice a week.

Results and Discussion: Regular physical activity maintains muscles in good condition, prevents the onset of inactive hypotrophies or contractions, and activates various types of modulating descending control (pain suppression) to maintain the emotional state of the patient


elderly people; diabetes; motor activity; prevention of complications; healthy lifestyle

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