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Oбщественото здраве във виртуалната среда

M. Петрова, A. Цветкова, Р. Николова


Aim: The paper takes into consideration the increasingly often encountered instances of public health activities present, done or intermediated in a virtual environment. It aims to inspect, categorize and analyze them in order to individuate any legislative weaknesses that lead to potential risks for the health of the public.

Materials and Methods: The work encompasses various legislation levels: laws, regulations, case law and integrates it with examples and case studies from practices in the virtual environment. The authors use comparative analysis and a number of legal interpretation methods to review public health activities online - vaccination and medication intake discussions, nutritional, maternity and childbirth advice, etc. and draw conclusions regarding the trends in public health development and adaptations to the legal framework around it. Results: Technological development and its societal and public health impact cannot be ignored and public health activities in the virtual environment are now an everyday practice that needs proper regulation and legislative attention. Lack of it would not only hurdle development, but also expose the public to health and legal risks.

Conclusion: The paper individualizes the legislative weaknesses and regulative gaps that present major risks to public health development in the virtual environment and makes suggestions for improvement and creation of a more coherent, complete and inclusive legal framework that would be more adequate to the current and future needs of virtual activities and practice regarding public health.

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