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Медико-биологични и социални аспекти на стареенето и гериатричните грижи

Христина Милчева


Introduction: Ageing is a natural biological process expressed in morphological, biochemical and mental changes, which occur in the living organism with time and practically begin with the conception. Ageing is a complex of modifications, which are harmful, progressive, universal and irreversible. Scientists consider several different theories of ageing, which are basically divided into theories based on programmed ageing and such that focus on the idea of a complex of random events.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to analyze some medico-biological and social aspects of human ageing, which are significant for the geriatric care and communication with elderly patients.

Materials and Methods: The used methods are: survey of scientific literature, inquiry method, observation, interview

Results and Discussion: The analysis of the scientific literature has shown that there are several theories of ageing: the free radical theory; the theory of mitochondria and ageing; protein glycation; the telomere theory of ageing; the genetic theory, etc. Ageing is a continuous process, which is affected by the economic and biological conditions, the exogenous and endogenous factors and it passes at different levels: biological-cellular, tissue- organic, at the level of the systems. Problems occur in the body - the adaptive mechanisms are reduced, the risk of developing a chronic pathology increases as well as the susceptibility to complications and death. The ageing and health, the illness and adaptation of the old person to the family and society, the problems of nutrition, hygiene, working capacity and the systems for medical and social care are among the priorities of the survey. As well as the communication with the elderly, the support and the attitude to them in the process of providing healthcare and social services.


ageing; adaptation; health; care; communication

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