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Възможности за повишаване на информираността по здраве и безопасност при работа сред студенти от МК Варна

Ц. Tърпоманова, T. Димитрова, В. Aлександрова


Introduction: Healthy and safe university environment is a guarantee for a sustainable professional development. A two-way approach is needed for that - on one hand the introduction of the necessary measures to the workplace and on the other - the integration of the health and working safety education into the educational programs and looking for opportunities for its quality improvement.

Materials and Methods: The information level and the basic information sources were studied focusing on the potential health risks when practicing the future profession by means of an inquiry among 125 students from different specialties from the Medical College - Varna.

Results and Discussion: The results show high levels of information among students (over 95%). The knowledge students obtain mainly during their training in the specialty subjects and during the Hygiene course in the Medical College (79.3%). The majority of respondents (an average of 60%) point to the necessity of an additional qualification, which they prefer to receive by means of seminars and student forums for exchange experience and examples of good practices.

Conclusion: There is a need for a strict maintenance of the balance between the theoretical and the practical training. The success of the prevention approach is possible through the involvement of young people in the education process by means of student initiatives and experience exchange. Students from the Public Health Inspector program are seen as an unused capacity for the implementation of intervention training programs among students from the Medical College focused on health promotion at the workplace in the health care sector.


information level; occupational health and safety conditions

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