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Общуването с пациенти в хирургичните звена - възможност за придобиване на професионални умения от бъдещите медицински сестри

Диана Гроздева, Kатя Eгурузе, Милена Нанкова


Introduction: An essential element of the nurse's work is communication. Training for effective patient-based communication with carers, expressed in attitude, attention, sympathy, warmth, emotions and support, is an important part of forming professional competencies in the students.

Aim: This study aims to explore the possibilities of nursing students to communicate with surgical patients and the effects on their professional formation.

Materials and Methods: An anonymous survey was conducted in the period: April, 2016. Seventy-eight first- and second-year students enrolled in the Nursing program at the Medical University of Varna were involved in the study. The following methods were used: sociological: documentary method, observation, survey method; statistical methods.

Results and Discussion: According to the data obtained, 2/3 of the interviewed students successfully communicate with the patients in surgical wards and identify this communication as useful for the operated patients. The difficulties they face are related to the condition of the patients, their fears of the upcoming surgery, or simply their unwillingness to communicate. Careful attitude of the nurse, individual approach, empathy, and listening to the patient are of the utmost importance to surgically ill patients and to quality communication with them, according to respondents.

Conclusion: The communication of nursing students with patients during clinical practice is based on the established rules of medical ethics, creating an atmosphere of trust and empathy, and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The specificity of care for patients in the preoperative and post-operative period requires the future nurses to master equally the use of verbal and non-verbal communication in their work.


communication; nurse; students; surgical ward; patient

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