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Работата в екип по време на практическо обучение

Kатя Eгурузе, Диана Гроздева, Милена Нанкова


Introduction: When it comes to increasing work efficiency, the topic of teams is a must. In our country, there is often no exact difference between a "group of people" and a "team", and this gives rise to many misunderstandings about the purpose and benefits of teamwork. Developing skills for nursing students to work in a team would help their future realization.

Aim: The study aims to examine the nursing students' opinion about the role and influence of teamwork in the practical training.

Materials and Methods: A direct anonymous poll was conducted among 86 students, from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the Nurse program at the Medical University of Varna, Department of Health Care. The survey was conducted in September 2016. Sociological methods were used, such as documentary and questionnaire methods, as well as statistical methods.

Results and Discussion: A predominant part of the students designate the groups formed in clinical practice as teams, but in need of help they can rely on only some of its members. They underline that team work has some influence on the effective implementation of the practical training and enhances their confidence in dealing with the tasks. Team discussions in solving specific tasks during clinical practice provide each member with the freedom of expression, listening to the opinions of others, greater security and student satisfaction.

Conclusion: An important prerequisite for the effective implementation of the practical training is the active participation of the trainees in the teamwork. The good relationship, respect and trust among the students in the group contribute to the success of the tasks.


team; students; nurse; group; clinical practice; practical training

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