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Роботизиранaта хирургия - нови възможности за реализация на медицинските сестри

Милена Нанкова, Диана Гроздева-Фотева, Kатя Eгурузе


Introduction: Robotic surgery has been introduced to all surgical fields and narrow subjects such as: thoracic, colorectal, gall-liver, gynecological, urological surgery. Buying and using robotic systems increases the number of trained and working surgeons in the field, creating new challenges for the training, development and professional realization of nurses in this type of surgery.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to present opportunities for the creation of a multidisciplinary team with the active participation of the nurse, her training and responsibilities in the operating room when working with a robotic system.

Materials and Methods: A documentary method was used in this scientific communication. The analysis of the documents was conducted in March - April 2017.

Results and Discussion: Robotic surgery has many advantages for patients, surgeons and nurses. It provides high-quality 3D imaging during surgery, possibility of remote surgical interventions, minimally invasive interventions, leads to efficient ergonomics behind the surgeon's console and scaling of movements. For the creation of a team working in robotic surgery, we need: administrative support, a suitable operating room, trained, experienced and motivated surgeons, anesthesiology team, and nurses.

Conclusion: Through robotic surgery, nurses have opportunities to work with new technologies and develop as future specialists.


nurse; robotic surgery; training; realization; team

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