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Контрол на болката при пациенти с онкологични заболявания

Мария Добрева, Христина Иванова, Радостина Жечева


Introduction: Poorly controlled pain has a negative impact on every aspect of the patient's life - physical, psychological, social and spiritual. It is a symptom that greatly impacts the quality of life of the patient and his family. Pain relief is not only a moral and ethical duty of medical professionals, it is a fundamental human right that society and healthcare policy have to respect.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to investigate the opinion of healthcare professionals working with cancer patients and to clarify the nurse's participation in pain control to improve the quality of life.

Materials and Methods: The opinion of 20 nurses working at "KOTS - Shumen" LTD and 20 patients with oncological diseases undergoing stationary treatment in "KOTS - Shumen" LTD was studied.

The survey used sociological methods - direct anonymous poll, documentary methods - study of medical documentation, and statistical methods.

Results and Discussion: Respondents are of the opinion that analgesic therapy can effectively control the pain of their illness.

More than half (60%) of the nurses consider that they are well prepared to solve the medical and social problems of patients with malignancies. The greatest need to obtain specialized knowledge and skills in the care and control of pain with cancer is indicated by a significant proportion (35%) of medical professionals who are not competent in all matters and a very small part (5%) who are not prepared to provide such kind of assistance.

Conclusion: Pain can be adequately controlled and appropriately treated to relieve the condition and improve the quality of life of patients with oncological diseases.

Nurse involvement in the control of pain in oncological conditions is not only the application of pain-relieving medications, but also the correct information about the presence of pain.


control; pain; patients with cancer; nurses; quality of life

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