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Мнението на лекари акушер-гинеколози от град варна относно половата хигиена на момичетата

Р. Лалева, В. Димитрова, Сл. Илиева


Introduction: In recent years there has been a clear tendency among young people to reduce the age of onset of sexual life, wide distribution of not protected sexual contacts, maintain a parallel sexual relationship and a low level of health education. This risky sexual behaviour leads to increased morbidity and mortality rates of sexually transmitted diseases, high frequency of interruption of unwanted pregnancies and subsequent problems with fertility and quality of life.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to examine and analyze the opinion of obstetrician-gynecologists in Varna on the reproductive care of adolescents.

Materials and Methods: The opinion of 25 ob-gyn specialists from SHOGAT "Dr. Dimitar Stamatov"- Varna and St. Anna University Hospital, Varna was researched through direct individual poll in the period January - March 2017. Documentary methods, statistical methods, such as survey, graphical analysis were used.

Results and Discussion: The obstetrician-gynecologists opined on the reduction of the age of first intercourse: up to 15 years of age - 59% and 16-18 years old - 35% of the girls who visited the ob-gyn`s office. Of the surveyed doctors, 70% believe that young girls are promiscuous. Another 71% believe that young people do not use appropriate protective means.

Conclusion: Young people have a risky sexual behavior, which requires urgent measures to be taken to reduce the adverse effects. The awareness of young people about sexual hygiene is a responsibility of the family and society, who in recent years have neglected this obligation


information; sexual hygiene; lifestyle; disease prevention

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Илиев З. Сексология за тийнейджъри, родители, учители,2012г


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