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Роля на акушерката при профилактика на преждевременното раждане

В. Димитрова, С. Илиева, Р. Лалева


Introduction: Premature birth hides risks for the newborns` adaptability to the environment outside the womb. While this is a reason for the highly early age neonatal morbidity and mortality, it is also a prerequisite for high resource spending in the health care sector. This calls for a demand for mechanisms for prevention and risk- reduction practices towards premature birth.

Aim: The aim of this article is to study the midwife`s role in premature birth prevention.

Materials and Methods: Students` opinion has been studied among the graduating students enrolled in the Midwife program at the Medical University of Varna (n=28) through an individual inquiry card during the month of April, 2017. The used methods were: documentary, statistics based on inquiry, graphical analysis. Results and Discussion: Students consider the midwife`s role in intensive neonatal ward as highly responsible (92.8%). The majority of the inquired participants do think that the midwife has her own place in the process of premature birth prevention (92.8%). Students envision the midwife`s role to be as follows: intensive supervision of the pregnancy period (70%), taking meticulous anamnesis (71.4%), part of the pregnant women`s educational process (53.6%) and involved risk factors prevention practices (42.6%). About 1/3 of the midwives think that the obstetrics health care methods are an underestimated resource in premature birth prevention practices (32.1%). There is a significant share hesitant inquired responders (25%). Students think that the post-graduate education for midwives should be based mostly in intensive premature wards (64.3%).

Conclusion: Midwives have a significant role in health care provision to premature newborn babies and are ready to face the challenge and improve the profession.


midwife; premature birth; role; neonatal health care

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