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Нагласи на студентите в специалност „акушерка` за работа в интензивно неонатологично отделение

С. Илиева, Р. Лалева, В. Димитрова


Introduction: Working in an intensive neonatal ward requires very high proficiency in a certain set of skills and knowledge to meet the needs and requirements of highly professional midwife health care to one of the most vulnerable groups of patients - premature babies.

Aim: The aim of this paper is to observe the readiness and attitude in students towards working in an intensive neonatal ward.

Materials and Methods: Students` opinion has been studied among the graduating students enrolled in the Midwife program of the Medical University of Varna (n=28) through an individual inquiry card during the month of April, 2017. The used methods were: documentary, statistics based on inquiry, graphical analysis. Results and Discussion: The majority of the students consider that they have perceived the basic theoretical knowledge (78.6%) and practical skills (60.7%). They are convinced that systematic knowledge and skills are needed (92.8%). More than half of them would work in an intensive neonatal ward (53.6%), stating that the major motivational factor is the uniqueness of the ward (46.4%).

Conclusion: Students show positive attitude and readiness towards working in an intensive neonatal ward.


midwife; neonatal health care; attitude; students; work

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Яръков, Л., Застрашен плод и новородено, 1979, Медицина и физкултура

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