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Five-Year Experience In Surgical Treatment Of Temporal Bone Paragangliomas

H. M. Diab, P. U. Umarov, O. A. Pashchinina, D. A. Zagorskaya, O. S. Panina


The article describes our five-year experience in the surgical treatment of temporal bone paragangliomas. Considering our experience, the surgical treatment of patients with different types of paragangliomas based on a detailed study of the CT scan and MRI data using the preoperative selective embolization of tumor-feeding vessels and the navigation system intraoperatively as well as the endoscopy assistance allows total removing of the tumor with minimal damaging of the vital structures of the lateral skull base.


temporal bone paragangliomas, ear surgery, surgical treatment, CT, MRI, endoscopy, navigation system, vascular embolization

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