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Headache in Children with Epilepsy

Zhivka Chuperkova, K. Noneva, R. Ralcheva, I. Dimitrov, M. Georgieva


Headache is a common comorbidity in pediatric epileptic patients. The relationship between headache and epilepsy is considered complex and though there is evidence of association, its mechanisms are not yet completely clear. Numerous studies of comorbidity focus on primary headaches, such as migraine and tension-type headache, describing them as the most prevalent in patients with epilepsy. Some authors, though, report similar prevalence of headache and specifically migraine in epilepsy patients as compared to that of the general population. When describing this comorbidity, it should be noted that secondary headaches can also be frequent in patients with structural epilepsy, e.g. in brain tumors or other space-occupying lesions.

In this paper we summarize literature data on the problem of epilepsy and headache comorbidity, and also present two clinical cases of patients with tension-type and with secondary headache, respectively.


children, comorbidity, epilepsy, headache

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