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Integrating Legislative And Health Policies To Promote Child Health

А. Tsvetkova, S. Mihaylova


Delivering an adequate promotion of child health, in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, along with timely prevention of diseases and targeted health policy can be done with the active participation of the economy, financial sector, education, social care, sports, etc. Bulgaria is a member of the WHO European region and follows the European policy on health and well-being Health 2020. In Bulgaria, the mayor of a municipality manages the social services in the municipality which are state-delegated and local activities. The mayor is an employer of the heads of these services. 

Aim: The aim of this article is to conduct a review of the policy of Varna Municipality on preventive healthcare for children and young people part of Policy 7 of the National Health Strategy.

Materials and Methods: Analysis of current programmes on mental and physical health in children and adolescents in the city of Varna, in accordance with national, European and global programmes has been done.  

Conclusion: Central and local authorities that understand the need for public health promotion and prevention is the key to building a healthier society is in the future. Varna Municipality is committed to working on that by financing programmes for prevention, healthcare and social activities.


child health, municipality, preventive healthcare programmes, health strategy

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Management Report of Varna Municipality for 2015 - 2019

National Programme on Promotion of Maternal and Child Health 2014-2020.

Published in State Gazette No.70 of 10th August 2004, last upd & amd in SG No.102 of 11 Dec. 2018


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