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History of Posturology in the World and in Bulgaria

Miroslav Stoykov



   Posturology is known to be the science of correct posture. Consequences of incorrect posture pose threats to the general health and well-being of patients due to interconnections with other body systems.


The aim of the article was to summarize key events connected with the science for posture around the world and in Bulgaria from its birth until today.

Materials and Methods

Scientific databases—Scopus, PubMed, as well as information from the websites of different posturology associations around the world and in Bulgaria were used for the research. Data from a number of symposiums, lectures, textbooks on the science for correct posture and balance was added. The following keywords—posturology, posture, history, posturography, dental medicine were used.

Results and Discussion

Scientists, as early as the 19th century, had already discovered the importance of most of the sensors which work together to maintain body position. The first school of posturology was founded in Berlin in 1890 by Vierordt. In the beginning of the 20th century, the postural system was considered as “a structural whole” with multiple inputs. In 1955, J. B. Baron, while working in the posturography laboratory at a hospital in Paris, France, published a thesis on the importance of the oculomotor muscles for posture. In 1969, the International Posturological Society was established and posturology became an independent science. In 1983, standards for executing posturological examinations and in 1985 technical standards for stabilometric platforms were published. In 1985, in France, Dr. Bricot and his collaborators set up a clinical posturology association. In the 1990s, the first stabilometric platforms emerged. The aim of posturology and the clinicians nowadays is to provide a treatment based on the causes.

   In Bulgaria, in 2017, for the first time а full-day seminar on posturology was organized. Since 2017, dynamic computerized posturography has been utilized in Bulgaria as well. In 2019 two diagnostic centers for childhood postural and musculoskeletal disorders opened in Serbia and Bulgaria, equipped with the aid of European Union funds.


   It can be concluded from the historical overview that posturology is a modern science with important clinical implications and foundations in the past. It can be said that more attention should be brought to the science of posture and methods of investigation in Bulgaria.


posture, posturology, history, dental medicine, posturography

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