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Application Of Digital Technologies In The Pharmaceutical Sector

Galina Petrova, Velichka Andonova


The introduction of digital technologies into the pharmaceutical sector is associated with the digital transformation and the shift in business models and production processes of the organizations that operate in the field. Digitalization provides an opportunity to develop and implement innovative technologies and medicines and their safety and efficacy monitoring. Various intelligent medical devices are used to collect and process data and allow different stakeholders (such as patients and health professionals) to exchange information, thus facilitating the process of therapy decision-making and therapy follow-up. Digital services improve patients' access to health information; they allow for improved therapeutic results and quality of life. In the pharmaceutical sector in Europe and America, digital technologies find application in the following areas: drug therapy management, pharmacogenomics, 3D printing of medicines, personalized digital pharmaceutical care, automatic dosing devices, drug reminder devices, and prevention of counterfeit medicines entering the legal supply chain. In Bulgaria, digital solutions are used to prevent the entry of counterfeit medicines via the introduction of a verification system; to create platforms and applications for health information and communication among patients, health professionals, and institutions, including through the introduction of e-prescriptions and e-referrals.

This paper aims to demonstrate the benefits of digitalization for the pharmaceutical practice in providing personalized pharmaceutical and health care, which leads to an increase in patient satisfaction and a reduction in healthcare costs.


verification, e-prescription, platforms and applications, pharmacogenomics, pharmaceutical care

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