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Yasen Petrov, Mariyana Mihaylova


Indtroduction: Neck pain is one of the most common complaints in physical therapy practice. It is a widespread condition and it rates second in frequency of patient complaints of the musculoskeletal system after low back pain. Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability. That makes it a significant medico-social problem. First of all this condition leads to absence from work and
disability which is associated with huge losses for the economy and for the healthcare system. Secondly, it causes reduced quality of life and worsening of the mental health of the people affected. This necessitates new research for therapeutic approaches, timely rehabilitation and methods of prophylaxis,
in order to achieve full recovery and prevent relapses and complications.

Goal: The aim of this article is to review the most common causes of neck pain and introduce treatment regimens valuable to the medicinal practice of the physical therapy specialist.

Materials and methods: Review of the literature

Results: Risk factors leading to neck pain should be easily recognized and clinical decision must be made. This will ensure all causes treatment and choosing correct physical therapy modalities. Detailed comprehension of the risk factors and accurate timely diagnosis of patients with neck pain provide the opportunity for well-planned complex treatment with the inclusion of key physical modalities.

Conclusion: Preventive measures related to building habits for correct posture and behavior when performing daily work activities, as well as striving for a healthy lifestyle, regular inclusion of physical exercises and preventive courses with physical therapy, are a successful strategy for managing neck pain.


neck pain, risk factors, prophylaxis, physical therapy

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