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Yozlench Adem, Aleina Eminova, Slavena Ilieva


One of the main problems in our time is reduced physical activity and unhealthy eating, which is gradually becoming a risk factor for people in our society. If the nutrition to has to be balanced and rational, it is necessary that the expenditure of energy corresponds to the energy value of the food. Thus, a person preserves or increases his body mass, work capacity and resistance.
The purpose of the research is to study and analyze the opinion of midwifery students regarding a healthy lifestyle.
Material and metods: A survey was conducted among parents through an individual survey in April and May 2023. Used methods – documentary, sociological, statistical and graphic processing of the results.
The results of the conducted survey indicate that during the time when they are free from studies, students prefer to go for a walk with friends (90.5%). Just over half of the respondents indicated that they eat twice a day (55%), followed by those with three or more meals a day (39%). There is a high proportion of students who consume fresh fruits and vegetables at least once a day (65%) and drink more than one liter of water.


activity; healthy eating; students

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