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Factors influencing upon the patient satisfaction during the hospitalization period

Stanislava Pavlova, Mariana Nikolova, Anna Georgieva, Veselin Valkov


More often the patient estimates the medical activity and the relationships, in which he enters with the doctor and the nurse during the hospitalization period. The purpose of the investigation is to identify and analyse the factors, which influence upon the patient satisfaction during his stay in the department. The investigation is executed among 1054 patients, hospitalised in multiprofile hospitals for active treatment, situated in eight cities. The estimate of the different factors showed that with the increase of the hospitalisations number (up to the third hospitalisation) the patient satisfaction of the attitude of the doctor and nurse, the servicing and the nursing cares still increases, but the satisfaction regarding the necessary equipment, the obtained information and the medical supervision decreases. The patients, who live in villages, remain more satisfied unlike the people, who live in bigger cities. Regarding the education the patients, who have a higher educational degree and are younger, are more satisfied by the servicing and the cares in the department unlike the respect of their patient rights and the obtaining of regular information.


satisfaction; health cares; patient; department; hospitalisation

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