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The need and satisfaction of the patients of hospice services in Varna Region

Katya Eguruze, Silvia Borisova, Galina Stoyanova, Diana Grozdeva


Introduction: In the context of the severe demographic situation in our country, the problem of the hospice movement stands out. In an ageing society, people who need hospice care are constantly increasing. Chronically sick patients, especially those with progressive disease, pose a serious problem because they need specific care. Some such care is provided in hospices, which in our country prove to be inadequate.

Purpose: To investigate the need and satisfaction of patients from hospice services in Varna region.

Material and Methods: The survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2017 and covers 85 people, the users of hospice services offered in some of the hospices in Varna. Sociological methods were used: document analysis, survey method and statistical methods.

Results and Discussion: Respondents are of different educational attainment and social status over a broader age range. There are residents of Varna, the surrounding settlements and other big cities in the country. Some of the respondents were staying in different hospices and considered that they were insufficient for the city of Varna. Almost everyone knows the administrative organization and the internal order of the hospice, they are happy with the medical service but have some recommendations for improving the lifestyle. Patients of hospice services are responsible for searching and choosing a hospice service to enter by using different sources of information.


hospice; patients; hospice services; satisfaction; need

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