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Corruption practices or imperfections in the functioning of the system of the medical expertise and its normative insurance

Paraskeva Mancheva, Maria Valkanova


The corruption practices are a phenomenon with deep roots and have an explanation for them, but keeping social justice in mind it is more important to figure out the causes of there existence so they can be prevented. In the case of expert decisions, given from Territory Expert Medical Commission and National Expert Medical Commission the problem is extremely important, because the social integration of disabled people is closely connected to the lack of doubt among the society regarding their transparency. Straight away it looks like the legislation guarantees their truthfulness and objectivity of the evaluation. In reality if the activity of the medical expertise of the efficiency and its normative frame is compliant to the Statute book for professional ethics, Rules of the professional ethics, The Hippocratic Oath and good medical practice that will help to overcome the phenomenon „corruption`.


disability; Territory Expert Medical Commission; medical expertise

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