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On the need for certification of experts in the system of medical expertise

Maria Valkanova, Paraskeva Mancheva


The expert decisions of the bodies of expertise are of a dual nature - on the one hand they are individual administrative acts and on the other hand are expert medical conclusions. In their capacity as individual administrative acts, they can be appealed by interested parties and the assessment remains the same, reduced or increased. When this assessment is reduced, this results in legal liability for the relevant experts. This raises the issue of perfecting the qualifications of these experts in order to minimize the risk of occurrence of similar infavorable legal consequences for them.


medical expertise; Territory Expert Medical Commission; experts; insurance medicine

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Закон за здравето, Обн. ДВ. бр. 70 от 10 август 2004 г., в сила от 01.01.2005 г., с посл. изм. доп.

Наредба за медицинската експертиза в сила от 27.06.2017 г., приета с ПМС № 120 от 23.06.2017 г., обн. дв. бр. 51 от 27 юни 2017 г.

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